Jai Day

Jai is an English Actor, based in HK/LA.

With over 10 years experience, Jai has created a reputation of exciting and consistent work.

Whether that’s on stage as Banquo in a sold out run of Macbeth, squaring off against Jackie Chan in Skiptrace and Dragonblade, as a corrupt policeman killing Donnie Yen’s family in Chasing the Dragon and then playing his abusive alcoholic stepfather in Big Brother, or even in one of his many independent and short films currently in the festival circuit 'When the Sun Rises', ‘As Closely Linked as Flesh and Blood', 'Fault' and 'God's Work’, you can always expect something new. 

Recently he starred opposite Steven Seagal and Eduardo Costa in the high octane Philippe Martinez project ‘General Commander’, due for release later this year. He is also attached to the - soon to be announced - next television project from the same creative crew.

On top of that, Jai has also managed to find time to appear in a number of smaller supporting roles in other exciting projects this year, including; Pacific Rim: Uprising and the upcoming Scott Adkins/Andy On project - Abduction among others. 

When not in front of the camera, Jai often lends his voice to animated projects; voicing lead characters: ‘Wu’ in Jing Ju Cats, Captain Moss in G-Fighters and Irwin Scarpetti in Hasbro’s Blazing Team. He is also part of the main cast of the TBC Improv comedy troupe, with regular shows around Hong Kong and Asia.



Jai's Film Resume